iPhone Wi-Fi Module Repair Price




Repair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 11Repair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 11from 2999 ₴
1-2 days
30 days
Repair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 11 ProRepair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 11 Profrom 3899 ₴
1-2 days
30 days
Repair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 11 Pro MaxRepair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 11 Pro Maxfrom 3899 ₴
1-2 days
30 days
Repair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 12Repair Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iPhone 12Specify
1-2 days
30 days
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If the required model is not in the table, leave application on the site and we will definitely contact you to clarify the price of repairing your device.

Don't have internet iPhone? It's time to replace the Wi-Fi module

Free Internet on many devices at once is one of the most demanded services to this day. And even the fourth and fifth generation of wireless Internet communication is unlikely to force you to abandon the routers installed in your home. Moreover, you have to pay for 4G, but how much does wi-fi cost in a phone? That's right, it's free. As long as the antennas of the wireless networks work perfectly, picking up the signal from nearby sources. But one day the Internet disappears and does not appear again! And suddenly all access to the information you need will disappear.

5% discount on repair

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5% discount

Replacing Wi Fi in iPhone Alas, this is not a bad dream, this happens with almost any smartphone. But this only means that the wi-fi module needs to be repaired by Apple. When it becomes clear that there is a signal distribution, but the device is not able to receive it, you need to go to the workshop. But you need to choose her not just closer, but the one with a good reputation. In order not to guess in vain what the iPhone 7 wi-fi repair will result in, you need to compare several service centers and choose a cheaper, more serious, and with good reviews. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the result for a very long time, since not everyone has direct deliveries of original components.

When the wi-fi module needs repair

iPhone WiFi repair

Wi-fi today is much more stable and faster than 10 years ago, new standards have emerged that work at 5 Hz, and now the signal penetrates better into the far corners of buildings. Wireless Internet for us is all the important information from weather, news and Skype to stock market indices, dollar rates and buying Bitcoin. But since the iPhone often replaces all working devices, especially on the road, the wi-fi module for the phone should always be in working order. But at some point, there is no longer access to the Internet. It is easy to understand by the following indicators:

  • Pages are not loading in the browser;
  • YouTube videos do not play;
  • The connected Wi-fi icon is off;
  • The icon is lit, but there is no internet sign.

Considering how much wi-fi costs in a phone, many people use their smartphone as an access point. Another important use is wireless connection to the monitor. Why fool yourself with the search for TV channels, films and videos in a browser on a MacBook, if this system is perfectly debugged in an iPhone. Just connect it to an external monitor using AirPlay technology, and you can enjoy your favorite match or movie. But this requires a connection between devices. If something does not work, then the Wi-Fi module should be replaced with an iPhone 8.

Preliminary measures for solving the problem

Replacing Wi-Fi in iPhone Do not assume right away that the breakdown is serious and requires the intervention of the masters. First, you need to figure it out yourself and identify the source of the problems as much as possible. There may be several of them, and each has its own solution methods. If there are other gadgets nearby, you should test your home network first. If everything goes well and after that the Internet works, then before changing the wi-fi module for the phone, you need to do the following:

  1. Restart router
  2. Reset the settings by clicking on the connection and selecting "Forget this network", then reconnect.
  3. If it does not help, restart the phone, reset to factory settings.

Only after carrying out the above operations should you contact a specialist so as not to waste your time. Repairing a wi-fi module is not easy and requires certain skills, but if you have them, you can do it yourself.

However, it is always better to just contact the official Apple repair service, where, in a short time and with a 100% guarantee of a successful result, you can restore any gadget of the apple brand, as well as take advantage of attentive and polite service. We can repair wi-fi iPhone 6s, 7, 8, 10 and other models. Getting started, our specialists will accurately determine the location of the malfunction and its true cause, after which they will only name the final price of the work. But, in any case, it is not worth it to limit yourself in actions, using gadgets with obvious malfunctions. We are always happy to help because we know how important it is to have a fast and always ready iPhone at hand.