Prices for ramont and replacement of the motherboard in a Samsung phone



Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A10Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A102 499 грн.
Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A20Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A201 999 грн.
Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A20eMotherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A20e4 999 грн.
Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A30Motherboard replacement Samsung Galaxy A301 999 грн.
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If the required model is not in the table, leave application on the site and we will definitely contact you to clarify the price of repairing your device.

Samsung smartphones have become popular for a reason, they have long been included in the top of the best developments in the world. But phones still often fall, fall into water or another stressful situation, after which repairs are required. The motherboard of the phone is its heart, which houses the speakers, microphone, processor, camera, wi-fi and many other very small details. Therefore, you can't just get here, you need a professional repair of microcircuits and boards in Kiev. You should not go to the first stall you come across, since the work must be performed by a specialist with experience.

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Repair and replacement Samsung motherboard

Quality Assurance Board Repair

Motherboards for mobile phones are not as difficult to buy as to install on your device. You will have to completely dismantle all the blocks, which means you need skills in working with a soldering iron for microprocessors.

Samsung phone motherboard repair consists of the following steps:

  • disassembling the phone case;
  • gradual dismantling of modules from the old board: the main camera, speaker, memory card slot and then the display;
  • installing a new board;
  • soldering devices to the board in reverse order.

It makes no sense to understand the mechanism of a smartphone when there is a company nearby that repairs the motherboard of a Samsung phone with a guarantee for the components to be installed. Here you can quickly find help on any day of the week:

  1. Disassemble the device and quickly reach non-working parts.
  2. Regardless of the cause of the breakdown, restore factory performance.
  3. Determine the extent of damage and the need for payment from Samsung mobile phones.
  4. Restore the full functionality of the smartphone.

Samsung phone motherboard repair

Service center for your gadgets

We claim that you need to buy a new phone when the old one has ceased to cope with the current tasks. For everything else, there is a service workshop, where you can not only buy and install various motherboards for smartphones, but also get advice on any incomprehensible issues of the operation of Samsung devices. Visit us today so that the period of separation from your favorite gadget is minimal.