The cost of repairing and cleaning Samsung phones after water

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Electronics, for the most part, are afraid of moisture and condensation, even if the device was quickly turned off after being hit by water. If you do not catch up on time and do not take a few important steps, you will need a serious repair of the phone after water gets in, and this is much longer in time and more expensive in cost. But this does not mean that you need to be wary of moisture everywhere and buy only goods with a high standard of protection. The cost of repairing a phone after water can be minimized by everyone if you immediately seek help from specialists.

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How to clean your phone after being exposed to water

We cannot forbid you to dry your equipment yourself, but we strongly recommend that you do it at the service center. Restoring your phone after water is not easy, you need special tools. If the trouble nevertheless happened, then the phone after the water needs the following manipulations:

  • Removing the cover and battery;
  • Complete disassembly and drying in laboratory conditions;
  • Reassemble and install all components;
  • Diagnostics on professional equipment.

Repair and cleaning after getting wet Samsung

How to prevent yourself from the consequences

If the gadget is already wet, the phone will still have to be restored after water. It makes no sense to put it near heating devices and dry it under a hair dryer - this will only make it worse, and hot air can damage the case. But repair of a flooded Samsung phone by specialists:

  1. Reduce drying time.
  2. Eliminate the need to spin up your smartphone yourself.
  3. Removal of moisture and condensation will be carried out with special safe tools without damaging the body and parts.

Prices for Samsung recovery after moisture penetration

Samsung produces high quality products, but it is not immune to the negative impact of the environment. Water is a big nuisance for electronics, but not a verdict. The main thing is not to panic yourself and de-energize the device by pulling out the battery from it. Bring your device urgently to our service center, which is located next to the metro, and we will make your Samsung work like new.