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The video card is one of the most important components of a laptop, as it is responsible for displaying graphics on the display. Despite the high quality and reliability of Apple devices, in certain cases it may be necessary to repair the MacBook video card. This is due to a number of hardware and software reasons that Repair House service center engineers specialize in diagnosing and fixing.

MacBook video card repair

Signs of failure of a video card in a macbook

Even an inexperienced user can easily determine that the graphics core has lost functionality. This is immediately displayed on the display operation:

  • white or blue screen;
  • artifacts in the form of horizontal or vertical stripes, cubes, pixels, etc .;
  • random screen on / off, constant restart;
  • missing any image.

Any of these symptoms indicate that there may be a problem with your graphics card.

Types of video card breakdowns in a mac laptop

There are a lot of reasons for the loss of performance of the video chip, conditionally they can be divided into two categories: software and technical.

In the first case, problems arise due to inappropriate drivers, third-party firmware, and incorrect updates. Such a malfunction can be eliminated by a specialist who understands programming, who will install the necessary software, the corresponding version and modification.

The second case is more difficult to repair, while there are no impossible tasks for the Repair House masters. For what reasons, the component itself fails:

  • falling, bumping and other mechanical impact that breaks the integrity of the video card or backplane;
  • flooding with liquid;
  • trash, heavy dust;
  • drying of thermal paste;
  • overheating of the chip under heavy loads.

It is the last option that is most common among users who are fond of gaming or editing. As a rule, all these cases are typical for discrete video cards that are installed in pro models and some other lines. A breakdown of an integrated chip cannot be repaired, as it means the failure of the entire processor.

How are repairs done in SC Repair House

In order not to aggravate the situation, it is not recommended to try to fix the breakdown on your own, regardless of its origin. Qualified masters of our center know the specifics and design features of the MacBook, therefore, they carry out repairs with jewelry precision and a guarantee of performance. At the same time, professional equipment is used, and if it is necessary to replace the chip, the original parts are always available in stock.

Repair and replacement of the MacBook video card

Over many years of practice, we have developed a standard action plan that looks like this:

  • the client contacts our service center through the website or directly to the office. We are within walking distance from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Pochayna metro stations;
  • the master accepts the device, makes a visual inspection. If there are defects and damages, all of them are recorded in the contract;
  • then free diagnostics are carried out to identify the cause of the video card breakdown. This includes software and hardware testing;
  • having identified a malfunction, the engineer will agree on the cost and timing of the repair. If necessary, you can place an urgent order;
  • the wizard starts the repair, and upon completion of the repair, a message is sent to the client stating that the device is ready for use;
  • before issuance, a control launch and testing of the video card are carried out before the customer.

There is a delivery service in the Repair House SC.

Why contact Repair House

A MacBook video card is a rather expensive component, so we recommend that you carry out regular maintenance, which will be cheaper than replacing a part. By contacting the company's specialists, you get:

  • free diagnostics even if you do not order further repairs;
  • fast execution of work with full recovery of the MacBook;
  • written warranty for the service provided and the parts installed;
  • the friendliness of the team and an individual approach to each client;
  • affordable price for repair and maintenance.

Trust your laptop only to reliable and trusted specialists who know exactly how to return its functionality.