AirPods cleaning price



Cleaning AirPods 1/2Cleaning AirPods 1/2199 грн.
Cleaning AirPods ProCleaning AirPods Pro299 грн.

If the required model is not in the table, leave application on the site and we will definitely contact you to clarify the price of repairing your device.

In-ear headphones from the American Apple brand delight fans of Apple technology with excellent sound quality and presentable appearance. Users appreciated the high performance class of the first and subsequent generations of the headset, however, they often wonder how to clean the airpods so as not to harm their favorite gadget.

 Cleaning AirPods Kiev

The thing is that the structure is made in a non-separable form and does not have waterproof properties. This makes cleaning the airpods much more difficult because they cannot be simply rinsed with water. In such cases, it is better to contact a qualified Repair House center, whose specialists know how to properly clean airpods, what products to use while maintaining all the properties of the accessory.

How to clean Airpods

According to According to the recommendations indicated on the official website of the manufacturer, the gadget and case cannot be washed in water, and also use any detergents and cleaners. Then how do you clean your airpods wireless headphones for a perfect result and follow the manufacturer's instructions? Following the guidelines, you must use a soft, lint-free cloth that can be used to clean the airpods. In some cases, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the case.

Before cleaning your wireless airpods, be sure to disconnect them from the device and battery power. Next, take a soft brush or cotton swab, clean the speaker mesh and microphone hole.

How to clean Apple AirPods on your own

There are a lot of tips on the Internet on how to clean AirPods and some of the them are perfectly acceptable. At the same time, it is important to remember that by resorting to third-party recommendations, you are violating the rules for using the accessory, so the consequences will have to be eliminated on your own.

To prevent this from happening, it is better not to tempt fate, but entrust the cleaning of earpods to Repair House professionals who have the skills and clearly know how to clean epl headphones of all modifications. SC specialists use only proven methods, they know the features of the device, so cleaning airpods is always effective and safe.

How to clean Apple headphones

Some users resort to cleaning apple headphones at home. Here are some tips on how to clean your apple earbuds yourself:

  • turn off the device completely;
  • inspect for moisture, if any, wipe with a dry soft cloth;
  • using a small brush and a cotton swab, clean the inner edges and speaker mesh;
  • the outer casing can be wiped with an alcohol-based solution;
  • after all procedures, wipe dry with a microfiber.

In the most difficult and narrow places you can use a toothpick, but it is strictly forbidden to use metal or abrasive tools.

If you are the owner of a wired headset and are interested in how to clean your earpods, the basic procedure is the same , including the maintenance of the lighting connector.

The simplest advice awaits those who are interested in how to clean the AirPods Pro. Their peculiarity lies in removable rubber pads that are easy to remove and rinse with plain water. Once the speaker is opened, just wipe it with a microfiber cloth, dry the ear pads and put everything in place.

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Repair House experts know how to clean airpods

Before cleaning airpods yourself, think about the consequences that can lead to a complete loss of performance of the headset. One careless movement, a couple of drops of liquid is enough to ruin an expensive gadget. Such actions can be performed only in cases where the headphones do not require thorough cleaning, but in more difficult situations it is better to use the services of a trusted service center.

 How to clean AirPods

We know how to clean airpods from sulfur, small debris accumulated in case and other contaminants, while guaranteeing one hundred percent result and complete preservation of the acoustic properties of the device.

What is our advantage?

Cooperation in the Repair House service center has been appreciated by hundreds of satisfied customers who have received high-quality service Apple technology with a written guarantee. If you do not know how to clean wireless and wired airpods, we recommend that you contact the real masters of their craft, who know the specifics and subtleties of handling Apple accessories. We offer:

  • airpods cleaning according to the manufacturer's recommendations;
  • the integrity and flawless appearance of the headset;
  • improved acoustics after care of all components;
  • fast results at an affordable price.