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Repair Face ID iPhone 11Repair Face ID iPhone 11from 1999 ₴1-2 days
Repair Face ID iPhone 11 ProRepair Face ID iPhone 11 Profrom 1999 ₴1-2 days
Repair Face ID iPhone 11 Pro MaxRepair Face ID iPhone 11 Pro Maxfrom 1999 ₴1-2 days
Repair Face ID iPhone 12Repair Face ID iPhone 12Specify1-2 days
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If the required model is not in the table, leave application on the site and we will definitely contact you to clarify the price of repairing your device.

Face ID was presented by Apple in 2017 in the iPhone X. It is a volumetric-spatial reading of the shape of a person's face through TrueDepth. This decision was not met with enthusiasm by all Apple fans, and this is because in some cases the face ID does not work.

There are many reasons for this, from the most commonplace, solved independently, to software and hardware, which only specialists can handle. In such cases, it is better to contact certified centers that provide a guarantee for the work performed, and you will not lose the guarantee. One of the right solutions would be to contact Repair House, whose craftsmen have been practicing Apple gadgets repair for more than five years and know everything about their internal structure. repairhouse.com.ua is located in the center of Kiev, five minutes from Independence Square.

What is Face ID and how it works

Before dealing with a breakdown, it is important to understand how the technology works in principle. FaceID consists of several sensors located on the front of the phone, on the so-called bangs.

What is Face ID and how it works

If you look closely, you can find a few more sensors besides the main camera:

  • IR illumination for object recognition at night or in low ambient light;
  • an infrared camera reads the dot structure, creating an image in the infrared spectrum, and then sends the generated information to the SecureEnclave;
  • The
  • dot projector projects over 30,000 dots on the face to guarantee accurate recognition of the wearer without mistaken scans.

The system creates a 3D image to subsequently identify your face through scanning. Initially, there may be problems with recognition if the hairstyle is changed or other adjustments are made to the image, however, thanks to intelligent tools, the face ID quickly adjusts to external indicators, opening access to the device even if you let go of your beard.

Which iPhone / iPad models support Face ID

FaceID is integrated into modern gadgets to improve protective properties. With this solution, it was possible to improve the security system by providing an entrance by reading many points of the owner's face in three-dimensional space. The function not only keeps your privacy, but also allows you to make payments, launch specified applications, and much more. The lack of physical contact through a fingerprint reader simplifies the login procedure.

Cupertinos presented such functionality in new models of smartphones, such as the iPhone X / XR / XS / MAX, in the entire 11th version line (iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max), as well as in the iPhone 12/12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / mini and all related modifications. For iPad Pro, face ID identification is provided in 11-inch versions of the second, and 12.9 "of the third and fourth generations

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Why isn't Face ID working on my iPhone X?

Now we come to the topic: why Face ID stopped working. It should be noted right away that there are a lot of reasons and variations of corrections, everything can be individually or, conversely, solved in a standard way. Take the iPhone X, for example, where Face ID stopped working.

When Face ID doesn't work on iPhone X

Shortcomings of the software package.

If there are no visual defects, there was no contact with water, the phone was not stored for a long time in places with high humidity, and Face ID stopped working, the explanation may be hidden in a digital glitch, insufficient lighting, or choosing an incorrect viewing angle.

What can you try to do in this case? Reboot the system. Despite the fact that the IOS shell is considered the most reliable and stable, no one is immune from periodic lags. Restart will help to correctly load all OS components, and along with them sensors and scanners.

The operating system has not been updated for a long time.

If there are no other reasons, and Face ID does not work on iPhone X, you need to check for updates. This item is in the settings, you should pay attention to it and install the current firmware version. Important! When updating, the battery charge must show at least 50% so that the smartphone has time to download and install all the components. It is recommended that you use a stable Internet connection. For example, if you have a choice between 4G and WIFI, it is better to give preference to the second option.

There are situations when Face ID does not work after an update. There is no need to completely ignore this process, as the company supplements the firmware with new services, eliminates the errors of previous versions.

Setting the settings correctly.

Inexperienced users may incorrectly set the settings, and then be puzzled, as a result of which Face ID of the iPhone X does not work. The function may not turn on at all or give an error. What needs to be done?

After going to the settings menu and opening the Face ID tab, all sliders should be activated. To do this, they are highlighted in green. With the "Attention" item, you need to be more careful and carefully study the warnings. There may be test modes or beta development here, which is optional.

If, after all the above manipulations, Face ID does not work, you will have to perform the reset item. Resetting is simple, at the same point. In this case, the security service may ask for a password.

After resetting the settings, you need to set new parameters. By doing this, you will protect your data, and you will also be able to pay using only face sanitization, without additional entering of passwords and card pin-codes. The procedure looks like this:

  • go to general settings;
  • go to FaceID tab;
  • the "Start" key starts scanning, the smartphone camera must be at right angles to your face. During the process, do not move, do not play with facial expressions in order to allow the sensors to create a volumetric object;
  • a repeated procedure contributes to more accurate triggering later.

If everything is done correctly, you will see a notification about the successful completion of the process.

What to do if Face ID doesn't work on iPhone X

A few more points that prevent Face ID from working on iPhone X:

  • unnecessary accessories - this happens especially often in winter, when we all wrap ourselves in scarves and hats. These wardrobe details can affect the visibility of the 3D map of your face with the camera, which cannot scan all the points. It is enough to remove unnecessary items for a short time and gain access.
  • The same applies to summer time, when the user wears sunglasses, masks, hats. the solution may be an alternative scan, for this go to the appropriate item and create a new scan;
  • face ID does not work on iPhone X due to blocked optics - in addition to the usual accidental obstruction by hand, a new case, protective glass can close the peephole. If they are not set correctly, some parameters do not match and obstruct your view. Choose only the accessories that fit your model.

What to do if Face ID stops working on iPhone

Everything checked, but Face ID iPhone X is not working? Time to think about the non-working state of the device. The saddest outcome, as it will require intervention in the components, which no owner of an expensive device wants.

What are the signs:

  • Face ID does not work well, the background is "like a fog";
  • Face ID doesn't work on iPhone X and won't even launch;
  • restarting the device did not fix the problem.

If the device is under warranty, just contact the nearest center and replace the faulty smartphone with a new one. In other cases, you will need to contact the master. In order for the phone to be made competently and to please the owner for a long time, you should contact trusted companies that use certified equipment and professional tools. The artisanal method in basements is not an option for a high-end gadget.

Faulty sensors after contact with moisture

Water or excessive moisture in the room will have a detrimental effect on the components of the hardware. They oxidize elements that become coated with plaque and stop interacting with the system, sending and receiving signals. If you do not pay attention to the breakdown in time, the result may be a complete destruction of individual contacts or sensors as a whole.

What to do if Face ID does not work on iPhone after water? It is imperative and as soon as possible to carry it to the service, where the smartphone will be serviced and cleaned with specialized means that remove oxide.

The Repair House center specialists carry out not only regular, but also urgent maintenance, using certified tools and technical equipment. you can always contact us for help to restore the device's functionality. The company's price list has reasonable prices, without overpricing for work.

We install originalparts or proven equivalents that guarantee the stability of the functioning of all components. Your iPhone X does not work with Face ID after water - take it to our craftsmen, who will do their best in a short time, and the impossible will take a little longer.

Face ID iPhone XS not working after impact

Often there is a fall, after which Face ID does not work well or does not turn on at all. A familiar situation to many users of not only Apple devices, but also other brands. What signs should alert the owner:

  • Camera application takes several times longer to launch than usual;
  • portrait mode does not blur the background, there is no bokeh effect;
  • on a FaceTime call, it says the camera is busy with another program, even though you haven't turned on anything;
  • spontaneous switching on of the flashlight, which does not occur at your command;
  • truedepth does not work because it is physically broken.

Face ID place your framed face

By the way, it is not always necessary to change the details, after the impact, the train may simply go off, the master will only need to fix everything in place. It's another matter if the truedepth camera does not work due to a chip, crack or other external visible reasons.

If face id doesn't work and nothing helps

If you have tried all the actions described above, and also made a forced reboot, you can try another method - DFU mode. It helps in cases when the phone does not respond to pressing at all, freezes and slows down. It's easy to get into it, just connect it to your laptop or PC by launching iTunes. After the computer detects it, the recovery operation starts. This will work when the iPhone XR does not have Face ID due to a software component.

iPhone X does not work with Face ID after replacing the display

No one is immune from unscrupulous repairmen, so it happens that Face ID does not work after replacing the screen. Care should be taken to select a service point that will provide the maximum service and has a license to operate. Here are some criteria to guide you:

  • the center has most of the parts so that the client does not wait weeks to order missing components;
  • some simple services such as diagnostics are often offered free of charge or at a symbolic price;
  • masters take on the most difficult breakdowns, including those when face id XS or other models do not work;
  • services include replacement of the display, motherboard, sockets, batteries, etc.

All these problems are dealt with by Repair House specialists, providing full warranty and post-warranty service.


Based on everything written above, we conclude:

  • if face id does not work on iPhone 10, you can solve this problem yourself;
  • do not start disassembling the case after getting wet or dry it with a hairdryer, salt or other methods. It is necessary to contact the services of specialists;
  • Face ID does not work on the street - remove the hat and other accessories that mask recognition.

Face ID repair in Kiev

Repair House is always at your service if the iPhone X is not working with face ID.